Second eviction!

You’ve been asking more questions, chatting more chats, and most importantly casting more votes!

And now it’s time for the second eviction. The next scientist to leave will be…


Sorry to see you go after all your hard work. We hope you’ve still had fun.

Remember everyone, there are more evictions every day for the rest of the week, with the winner announced on Friday. Keep voting students!

Who will survive to claim the prize? YOU decide!

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12 Responses to Second eviction!

  1. Martin says:

    OMG – Natalie! How are mighty are fallen. 🙂 We will miss all your hard work in the chats for certain.

    • sizzlemnizzle says:


      • Natalie says:

        hehe, thanks. Wasn’t first to go though, so that’s a bonus 🙂

    • Martin says:

      Finger trouble, I could have got the quote right – “how are the mighty fallen”

      • Natalie says:

        we know this typing lark can be problematic for your gen. 😉 j/k good luck!!

  2. Natalie says:

    I guess yeast just doesn’t cut it these days 🙂 Keep up the hard work guys!! I’m secretly flying my flag for one of you 😀

  3. sweetieplay says:

    go martin

  4. Chris says:

    Who is natalie’s secret admirer? Enquiring minds want to know …… Seriously you did a great job. Good luck for the PhD!!!

    • Martin says:

      Absolutely – how long before you submit? Remember \LaTeX is better than a wordprocessor (my pet project is to get everyone to learn \LaTeX LOL)

      • Natalie says:

        Hand in date is a year in September so roughly 18 months left. Already using \LaTeX it’s amazing. That coupled to Mendeley as reference manager with an exported bib file. Spot on! Just starting to get some results now so it’s all getting very exciting 🙂 might even be able to get my first paper out soon 😀

        Was great to get to know you all. Keep the hard work up and remember why we’re doing this (“The greater good” in the words of Hot Fuzz).

  5. Chris says:

    Ah – Latex. What a disaster! I am collaborating with someone who uses it and it is impossible for us to modify/suggest changes on his documents. Sometimes I think these open source anti-microsoft people get a bit too precious and forget that science is about communicating with people not just each other (and I speak as a lifelong apple person – love my iphone – I have no intrinsic love for microsoft). End of rant…… [wait for spam back from Martin]

  6. Chris says:

    I don’t mean “spam” of course Martin – I mean reasoned argument. Got a bit carried away there. LOL

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