• Question: do you think you will ever make a computer better than the brain ?

    Asked by ehsy85 to Martin on 26 Mar 2010 in Categories: .
    • Photo: Martin Coath

      Martin Coath answered on 26 Mar 2010:

      This is a complicated question and depends on what you mean by better!

      I think we can make computers that work in the same way as brains (that is part of what I work on) and they might be better because they are faster or more reliable.

      But they probably won’t be smarter than us for a VERY long time. I can see no hope of making a machine that will out-think us in every department!

      But better/faster, better/more-reliable, better/able-to-survive-in-space all of these things are possible and make these machines better than us in some ways.