• Question: Hey like i said about my friend he has an option of wether he gets anti biotics or an operation but you said he would have to go back every 3 months wouldent it be painfull for him?? :/ because of everythin , its dioderant in his blood it wich has been spreading from 3 weeks ago it is now 10% of his blood , would anti biotics clear it for him??

    Asked by ehsy810 to Chris on 26 Mar 2010 in Categories: .
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      Chris Cooper answered on 26 Mar 2010:

      Ok – I still need more information. I don’t know what you mean by “dioderant”.

      But if he needs to have a blood transfusion as part of his operation then he would not need to go back every three months. His own body would make the new blood cells. We all make blood cells in our bone marrow to replace ones that die of old age.

      Antibiotics are NOT the same as a blood transfusion. They are drugs – like penicillin- that kill bacteria. They are often given during operations to stop bacteria getting into the wound and causing an infection. They are perfectly safe.

      Hope this answer helps