• Question: If you could change 3 things about the world what would they be?

    Asked by askjeeves to Chris, Emily, Martin, Natalie, Tamsin on 25 Mar 2010 in Categories: .
    • Photo: Martin Coath

      Martin Coath answered on 25 Mar 2010:

      Hi again!

      We all had a stab at just changing one thing a week ago:

      If you had a chance to change the world how would you change it?

      So now I have to think of two more? Hmmm!

      I will get back to you if I survive the vote!

    • Photo: Chris Cooper

      Chris Cooper answered on 25 Mar 2010:

      Ok – really tough (but good) question. I will try and keep them science oriented and keep clear of my own dreams (see my profile). So no wishing for everyone else to be rubbish at football so I can play for England in the world cup!

      1 A cure for malaria. Let’s remove the blight that stops Africa developing

      2 For the public (and media) to have a balanced view of the world and science – an end to extremism except in dreaming of making the world a better place to be

      3 For people to be happy and work hard without requiring the reward of lots of money – leading to a more equal society

      OH MY GOD – I have just read what I have written. I sound like a contestant on Miss World. Perhaps I should have added “World Peace” as well…